Product Questions

What are the dimensions of the chair sashes? The chair sashes are approximately 28 inches in length. The chair band will fit a chair that is 13.4 inches to 19 inches, which includes the thickness or curve of the back of the chair.

What if my chairs are bigger than 19 inches? For larger chairs, a single table sash may be used and attached by purchasing small chair/wreath hooks on Amazon.

What are Petite Sashes? Petite Sashes have half the amount of ribbons as our regular sashes & cost $8 each.  They are still 28 inches in length & the chair band is still the same as the regular sashes. The chair band will fit a chair that is 13.4 inches to 19 inches, which includes the thickness or curve of the back of the chair. Petite Highboy Sashes are also available for purchase. Petite sashes can be purchased for 30 or more sashes & are a perfect, cost-effective way to decorate for a larger event. Please contact us via email thru our Contact Us page or by texting 404-423-1146.

Can I purchase both Regular & Petite sashes? Absolutely! Several of our brides will purchase regular size sashes for the Sweetheart or Head Table & purchase petite sashes for the rest of the ceremony or reception.

What should I do with all the sashes after my special event? Our sashes can be used for other occasions such as birthdays, baby showers or holidays.  Several of our brides will give them away to family & friends as a gift to be used again.

How do I attach the stairway or highboy table sashes? Single sashes come with 2 sets of ties, one set of short ribbons & 2 long decorative satin ties. It is best to first tie a rope or zip tie around the area you are decorating & then tie your sash securely to that item.  Please note the long satin ties are decorative & may break if not gently used to tie the sash.

How do I attach the pew sashes? It is best to purchase small pew hooks on Amazon. Please check with your venue as they often have hooks available.

Can I order a custom sash with multiple colors? Yes- that's what makes Posh Chair Sashes so unique.  As long as we have the color listed in our color options, we will be able to create a custom sash for you.

Can I see a custom sash before I purchase it? Yes, please contact by text at 404-423-1146 & we can create a sample sash & send pictures for your review.

How should the sashes be stored? It is best to store your sashes over a hanging loosely over hanger when not in use.  Do not store them in a box as the weight of the sashes will cause wrinkling.

Can the sashes be ironed if they become wrinkled? Yes, should your sashes become wrinkled, they can be pressed with an iron on a low setting. Static guard will also work should they develop any static electricity.

How long will the sashes last? If stored properly by loosely hanging up over a hanger in a climate-controlled environment, your sashes will last 25+ years. I have had my holiday sashes for over 8 years & they look perfect & are still going strong!

Contact information: Please contact Stacey via email on our Contact Us page or by texting 404-423-1146.